Slip Through Your Hands

“In a sweeping generalization, I feel confident in saying that the dating world is a confusing place, until you find that ‘one true love.’ How many love stories exist out there? How many do we study in school, or on social media; how many are turned into blockbuster stage plays and movies? We are steeped in the pursuit of love; so intrinsic to survival and so worshipped in society; a thrilling chase that is rife with question marks and broken hearts.

I, too, have had my fair share of the confusion so thoroughly enjoyed in the dating world. With this editorial I aim to explore this theme – to project my own experiences and feelings of confusion onto the character; to let her explore it photographically…perhaps to interpret this game of cat and mouse, from the other side of the story.”

Also partly inspired by a song of the same title, by Elliot Moss.

Photographer: David Clarke
Model: Payton Perozak @ Mode Models
Styling: Ivan Jeménez
Hair & Makeup: Angela McIntosh
Location: Galaxie Diner, Calgary
Assisting: Sam Hoffe, Luc Wilson, Stephanie Landry

Shot on Nikon D810 with 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses.